Father, husband, community member, murdered by Troy police in April 2016

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  1. Times Union: Time to Come Clean, Troy.

    "The resolution of the case shouldn’t include more concealment of the facts."

    "This should not be an excuse for Mayor Patrick Madden or the Troy Police Department to bury the full story behind the sorts of fuzzy legal semantics the mayor has offered in the past. There should be no sealing records, no terms that bar disclosure or comment, nor any other maneuvers to keep shrouding in secrecy the death of an unarmed Black man and its aftermath." 1

    The City of Troy seeks to settle to the lawsuit with Thevenin's family. A settlement conference has been scheduled for early August. The Times Union Editorial Board has written a statement calling for an end to the secrecy that has shrouded this case since Edson was murdered.

    Despite what happens with this lawsuit, the City of Troy should release the contracted report written by Michael Ranalli. As the TU writes, the City of Troy should come clean and release all depositions, records, and reports related to the 2016 murder of Edson Thevenin.

    At every turn, beginning with Joel Abelove, followed by Mayor Madden and the Troy PD, the city has willingly participated in a cover-up of the murder of Edson Thevenin by deceased Officer Randall French.

    We demand justice for the family. We demand an end to the cover-up.

    1. Times Union Editorial Board calls for the jury trial to proceed in the case of Edson Thevenin.
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