Edson Thevenin


Father, husband, community member, murdered by Troy police in April 2016

Edson Thevenin was murdered by the Troy PD in April 2016. Now, four years later, the family is still engaged in a lawsuit with the city of Troy. The former District Attorney of Troy, Joel Abelove, was just acquitted of all charges (perjury and obstruction) related to his handling of the Thevenin case. Having finally been brought before a judge by the Attorney General's Office, Judge Nichols let Abelove off once again.

Those who murdered Edson Thevenin and those who covered up the murder of Edson Thevenin benefit from the sort of amnesia created by the passing of time and how difficult it is to trace the intricate elements of this case and cover up.

We have created a chronological timeline with links to news articles, court documents, and reports to aid us in the struggle for justice for Edson Thevenin and his family. To help those just learning about this case. To advance this cause for justice.

We will not rest until we have justice for Edson Thevenin!

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  1. Troy City Council Reads Secret Ranalli Report Troy pays for a new report which was written by Michael D. Ranalli, a former Glenville police chief. He was selected by city police department chiefs to analyze Centanni’s findings. This document known as the Ranalli Memo has been kept secret by the city. Troy City Council members demanded a copy of the memo after […] Read more
  2. Zamir, Edson’s Son, Speaks out for the First Time It has been more than four years since Troy Police officer Randall French shot and killed Edson Thevenin in Troy, NY. His family is still fighting for justice with an open civil lawsuit. On Tuesday, June 30 Edson Thevenin would have been 42 years old. WOOC correspondent Elizabeth Press spoke with Edson Thevenin’s twelve-year-old son, […] Read more
  3. D.A. Joel Abelove on Trial for Perjury, Obstruction in Edson Thevenin Case On September 14, 2020, the trial of former Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove begins. Abelove, who was the D.A. in April 2016 when Troy Police Department’s Sergeant Randall French murdered Edson Thevenin, is on trial for two counts of official misconduct and one count of felony perjury in the first degree in connection to […] Read more
  4. The Significance of the Reading of Abelove Grand Jury Testimony during this Trial The September 2020 trial of Joel Abelove for perjury and misconduct brought to light the proceedings from the 2017 grand jury called by the Office of the Attorney General. On September 21 and 22, 2020, Abelove’s 2017 testimony was read into the record by the prosecution. Below are two embedded audio files. These are the […] Read more
  5. Former D.A. Joel Abelove Acquitted on All Charges Edson Thevenin’s cousin, Jermica Depas, on the decision: “It was clear that Abelove took the law in his own hands, abused the law and denied society and the complete Troy community of justice — and then the judge did it again,” she said. Read more

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