Edson Thevenin


Father, husband, community member, murdered by Troy police in April 2016

Edson Thevenin was murdered by the Troy PD in April 2016. Now, four years later, the family is still engaged in a lawsuit with the city of Troy. The former District Attorney of Troy, Joel Abelove, was just acquitted of all charges (perjury and obstruction) related to his handling of the Thevenin case. Having finally been brought before a judge by the Attorney General's Office, Judge Nichols let Abelove off once again.

Those who murdered Edson Thevenin and those who covered up the murder of Edson Thevenin benefit from the sort of amnesia created by the passing of time and how difficult it is to trace the intricate elements of this case and cover up.

We have created a chronological timeline with links to news articles, court documents, and reports to aid us in the struggle for justice for Edson Thevenin and his family. To help those just learning about this case. To advance this cause for justice.

We will not rest until we have justice for Edson Thevenin!

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  1. Edson Thevenin is Shot and Killed by the Troy Police At 3:30 AM on April 17, 2016, Troy police sergeant Randall French fires eight shots and kills unarmed Black Watervliet resident Edson Thevenin in his car after a car chase, allegedly following a stop on suspicion of DWI. Read more

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Author: dphiffer

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